Thursday, 4 February 2016

SUQQU Frame Fix Cream Foundation

During my recent visit to London, I visited the SUQQU counter at Selfridges for the first time. The beauty advisor / MUA was really friendly and helpful. I purchased the eye shadow trio and I asked for a foundation sample which he generously depotted to the small container I brought with me. The foundation is a whooping £ 62 so I didn't want to blind buy it and gladly the sample given to me lasted me a good week which ended up in me falling in love with the foundation.

SUQQU Frame Fix Cream Foundation comes in a glass jar packaging which is understandable due to its super thick and rich texture. It would be difficult to use pump spender I guess, and jar packaging means I can use up the product thoroughly. It also comes with a spatula which is good for hygienic reason so I don't have to dip my fingers into the jar. 

Texture wise, it reminds me of Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation, only this one from SUQQU is creamier, denser and richer in texture. Despite of the thick texture, it is easy to blend and melts effortlessly in to the skin. One thing to remember though, you don't want to put too much product because it will be difficult to blend and turn out cakey. A little goes a long way with this foundation. I usually start with a thin layer and put another layer whenever I desire more coverage. I need two thin layers to cover the imperfections, redness and all the bumps on my face. I don't particularly need concealer, but still apply a thin layer under my eye area on most days. 

SUQQU Frame Fix Cream Foundation provides a solid medium to full coverage. I have to be honest that this one doesn't feel lightweight. It is a full coverage foundation, so it does feel like you're wearing make up. It also feels slightly tacky on the skin. But, I really like the flawless - radiant finish. It gives my skin a polished look and I can see myself wearing it on special occasions e.g. party or a night out. When I tried it for the first time, I spent the whole day being outside under London's pouring rain, and when I checked it out at the end of the day, the foundation still looked intake. The finish is not dull, and it has a slight lustre. The website suggests you not to wear primer or not to set it with powder, I however always lightly set with translucent powder due to its dewy finish. 

The foundation comes with SPF30++ but I don't notice any white cast which is good. My shade #002 has a distinct yellow undertone. It is a wee wee bit yellowish for my skin tone, but once it's set, the shade is a good match for my complexion. 

SUQQU Frame Fix Cream Foundation is one long wearing base. It can easily go to 8-9 hour mark on my combination skin. 

As mentioned above, this foundation is freakin' expensive. It is £62 for 25ml. But, it is stellar.

What is your current favourite foundation?

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Dolce and Gabbana Luminous Cheek Colour in Mocha

I received this blush as a gift from a dear friend of mine who just recently visited Paris. I was so happy when I received it and since I didn't have a lot of products from Dolce & Gabbana beauty , I was excited to see how it was going to perform.

Dolce & Gabbana Luminous Cheek Colour comes in an elegant gold case. The packaging has a good weight to it and the surface of the case is matte, means it's finger prints free. Woohoo! The case also comes with a built in mirror and a mini brush. The brush is swanky and not good though, unlike other high end brands' mini brushes which are usually quite decent.

Quality wise, this blush ticked all the boxes I'd expect from a high end blush. The texture is soft and smooth. It applies beautifully and blends effortlessly ( though I prefer to apply and blend it using a sparse blush brush to saturate the color a little bit ). The shade Mocha is a deep-warm burnt burgundy shade with a hint of brown. I didn't own anything close to it in my collection so I am glad my friend picked up this shade for me. I expected it to be very pigmented and hard to work with. Surprisingly, it goes on softer than I thought and applies rather sheer but still manages to be pigmented, if that makes sense. Mocha has a matte finish with no shimmer or sheen whatsoever, so for certain skin tones, it could work nicely as contour shade, I guess. It won't be for me though as it is too warm for that purpose. 

The blush is finely milled and feels smooth to touch. It provides a nice finish on the cheeks and despite of the bold shade, it is still wearable and doesn't end up looking 'dirty' on the face. Quality wise, I'd say that it is on par with other high end blushes I've tried ( e.g Dior blushes, Chanel baked blushes, or Guerlain blushes - Burberry blushes are still on a higher level though ). 

The staying power is excellent. I got a good 8-9 hour wear on my combination skin. The color started to fade gradually after 9 hour mark.

Dolce & Gabbana Luminous Cheek Colour in Mocha is one expensive blush at €37,99 for only 5gr of product, but you get what you pay for.


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

H&M Velvet Lip Cream

My encounters with H&M Beauty have been mostly all pleasant, with the exception of one product which is the velvet lip cream. Find out below why it didn't work out well for me.

Jumping on the velvet - matte lip cream / liquid lipsticks bandwagon, I decided to give H&M beauty velvet lip creams a try. I picked up 2 bold shades ; Dare Me and Screen Siren. Dare Me is a dark deep purplish burgundy and Screen Siren is a cherry red shade. Both shades are actually pretty and interesting , but the formula totally failed me.

H&M Beauty Velvet Lip Cream is housed in a simple plastic tube packaging with doe foot applicator. The packaging is sleek, simple and functional.
Texture wise, the lip cream is very very dry. It didn't apply smoothly and tugged my lips. The consistency is wet, but not lightweight and a bit on the thicker side. It was really difficult to apply it evenly on the lips because it tended to set directly in to lip lines. It dried up pretty quick too, so you really need to work fast otherwise it will get blotchy.

I actually tried both lip creams when I was at home because I just couldn't imagine wearing it while being outside. The lip cream was very dry and it made my lips feel very uncomfortable. Once dried up, it kind of set in to every lines of my lips and the finish just looked unhealthy. 
Talking about staying power, both shades had a good 6-7 hour wear. They stained the lips heavily though, especially the purple one. And the stain was not a good - natural just bitten stain. It looked more like I was sick and had purple blotchy lips.
I tried to wear it using different techniques ( blotted-dabbed using fingers-layered ) but none really worked out. I think in the end, it came down to the formula, and the formula for this lip cream just failed.

Overall, I just couldn't find a way to love them, which is sad because any other stuffs I bought from the brand have been lovely.

H&M Velvet Lip Cream retails for €7,99


Friday, 22 January 2016

Lunasol Chocolat Amer

During my internship time in Jakarta, I got to know the brand Lunasol. It's very present there and the prices are okay for what you've got ( luxurious packaging and good quality ). When I first saw the press release of the fall 2015 chocolate themed collection, I directly messaged my sister to get me one of the eye shadow quad. I initially wanted to get 2 of the quads actually, number 2 and number 3. But number 3 was sold out so my sister got me the number 2.

Look at that quad!! Isn't it beautiful? and looks like chocolate bar? :9
The shade I picked up ; #2 Chocolat Amer is my ordinary cup of tea. It's a brown - earth toned eye shadow quad. Frankly speaking, I can easily find substitutes for the 4 shades but the chocolate themed design? I just couldn't resist xD.

Gladly, the eye shadows perform really well. The texture is velvety and rich, it's almost creamy to touch. They don't feel like powder eye shadows. They feel more like a hardly pressed creamy eye shadows, if that makes sense? They apply smoothly and blend easily. The shadows are not powdery at all and I didn't experience significant fallouts during application. Due to the rich texture, I usually apply it using my fingers, swipe it on the lids and blend it using blending brush. 

Despite of the rather ordinary shade selection, the quad has been in daily duty since the day I got it. I carried it during my year end euro trip with my family and honestly I didn't miss my other eye shadows at home. It's very easy to wear , I barely need to think about it. All 4 shades can perform nice solo on the lids or combined for a different look. 

Speaking about pigmentation, like most asian brand eye shadows, they are not very boldly pigmented which I don't really mind. The shades are easy to be layered and I can build up the intensity the way I want to. That way, it's easier to work with and easier to blend. The shadows also stay on pretty well even without eye shadow primer. 

Housed in a nice bronze plastic case with a built in mirror, this quad is quiet sturdy for traveling. The case does feel lightweight and a bit plasticky which I am not really keen of. But the eye shadows perform really well.

Lunasol Chocolat Amer eye shadow quad retails for IDR 540.000 or ca. € 35 which is not cheap, especially for rather 'boring' shade selection. But those 'boring' shades are really my cup of tea and what I wear on daily basis so it's a money well spent for me. 

Have you tried anything from Lunasol?

Monday, 18 January 2016

The Manizer Sisters

I remember I used to 'dislike' highlighters and very rarely use them. But the past 6 months, I've made peace with them and have been buying them like cray cray. LOL. 
I own The Balm Mary Lou Manizer ( which is badly shattered unfortunately ), and it's one of my favourite highlighters ever. When I first saw The Balm launching a trio consisting their famous 3 Manizer Sisters, I told myself I needed to have them.

Mary Lou

Cindy Lou

Betty Lou

When my order arrived, my inner beauty junkie was so happy because the palette is so darn cute! It's tinier than I imagined but therefore very compact, slim and very easy to travel with. The cardboard packaging is sturdy and unlike the original packaging, the 3 powders are less likely to shatter in this cardboard palette. I've traveled with it and it passed the test well.

I've reviewed Mary Lou here, so you can klick the link and read my review there. Just a small update that I developed my love for Mary Lou along with more use and time. 

Cindy Lou is a shade I didn't expect to love as much as I do now. It looked really pink as a highlighter and too shimmery as a blush when I first saw swatches of it online. But once I have it on my hand and tried it on my cheeks, it worked amazing as blush. It's not too shimmery at all and compliments my complexion nicely. Cindy Lou is a nice peachy rose shade. Hourglass Ambient lighting blush Mood Exposure is deeper, Burberry Cameo blush is more muted and brownish. 

Betty Lou on the other hand , is the shade I find the most difficult to wear. It's too deep and bronzy as a blush and I am just not a fan of shimmery bronzers as they tend to look 'dirty' and too warm on my complexion. I tried to mix Betty Lou with Cindy Lou and they work together 'okay' as blush but I'm not crazy over the combination. Betty Lou will surely work better on deeper skin tone. But, I might give Betty Lou a try as eye shadow though as the shade looks like something I'd like on the lids. 

Overall, this trio is a great bargain and an excellent purchase for me. It would be a struggle to travel with Mary Lou as it is - in original packaging - is very fragile ( I've never traveled with it but mine is shattered anyway ), and this palette is more travel friendly and you get blush-highlighter and bronzer in one tiny and compact case. At €24,99 , I do think it's worth the price tag.

Have you tried any of the Manizer Sisters?